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The OpenWheeler racing game seats

If you are an avid racing game enthusiast - the OpenWheeler gaming seat was specially made for you. It will take you to the pure sim racing nirvana. As soon as you try its reality you will realize that till now you have missed something unbelievable. Today`s sim racing gamers define it like a seat of the future. They approximate reality as close as possible. The combination of a proper steering wheel with a gaming seat will give you the maximum real driving experience you could ever achieve at home.

OpenWheeler is “open” to all gaming consoles and devices, including PlayStation 3® (PS3), PlayStation 2® (PS2), Playstation® (PS), Xbox 360®, Xbox®, Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo GameCube®, N64®, Sega®, Mac and PC. It is also “open” to all steering wheel makers and models. You could easily adjust the OpenWheeler seat to suit your driving style, feeling all the comfort and pleasure while racing with hours.


Customer Feedback

“Fabulous seat worth twice the price. Even better than advertised. 5 stars.”

batpoet, United States

“FAST Shipping Great Product!! Great job guys!!”

egan8, United States

“WOW a total pleasure to deal with!”

vacuumwarehouse, United States

“They where very easy to talk to and took care of any problem I had!”

whitelightning80, United States

“Best seat on the market. Great Value! Thank you!”

tmagic841, United States


For all kinds of steering wheels

F458 Ferrari Italia Ferrari F430 Force Feedback
Thrustmaster T500 RS Logitech G27

Despite the fact that OpenWheeler was designed and manufactured for any type of video game racing you’ll find its strongest and most enjoyable function is racing itself and you will love every second inside a simply magnificent simulator. No matter whether your racing wheel includes an external gearshift unit or not, here you will find just the right racing seat for your gaming needs. The only condition is that the wheel of your choice must come with a separate pedal platform. Again, it doesn’t matter whether the pedal unit connects to the wheel base via a cable or wirelessly.

You’ll discover that installing the steering wheel with pedals and gear shift platforms comes just as easy as assembling OpenWheeler itself. It’s as easy as apple pie, in fact. All necessary tools are provided plus additional fastening equipment for extra grip.

OpenWheeler can accommodate any single steering wheel model presently available including the popular Logitech Driving Force GT and Thrustmaster T500 RS wheels. Such models do not require a separate gearshift holder. OpenWheeler+, on the other hand, does have a special holder for an external gearshift module, which makes it best suited for wheels such as the Logitech G25 and G27.

Both OpenWheelers are compatible with all major video game consoles, including Xbox 360 and Wii, as well as with all personal computers that allow racing wheels to connect to them.